Happy Endings - New Beginnings

We love to hear news of how our cats and kittens are settling in. Below are a few snippets from the many letters we receive from people who have kindly helped us by adopting one of our cats and kittens.

Marvin & Mumbles

These two cute little fur babies are so special! Thank you for bringing them up so well together. They love laying with each other when they sleep, running and rolling around together and on each other and they are well litter trained.

The kitties play so nicely together, only problem is that we have hardwood/laminate floors and they love to chase each other up and down stairs in the early hours of the morning! Ha Ha. When they get tired, they come and sleep next to our feet on the bed. Marvin has recently started jumping and hanging onto the blinds in the dining room which is naughty but fun to watch.

Mumble squeaks still, only heard his meow maybe 3-4 times so far, Thursday evening being one of them. I think he was seeking affection as it was the first day we had both been out at work since we got them.

Again, many thanks for these beautiful boys, they are two completely separate, but very compatible personalities and I am really glad we stuck to Mumble, he's great.


Sam turned up in a lady's garden early May 2012 bedraggled, limping with a cut eye and ear. The lady fed him and made him shelter from the heavy rain. He slept ALOT! The lady began to be a little worried about him, as he didn't appear to be improving, so asked Rescue Rangers to take a look. We took him straight to the vets where he was treated for conjuctivus and gastric problems. Although convinced he was a stray, by chance we checked his description against the Missing Cat List and discovered he was indeed listed as "missing" - we knew we had the right cat becuase of his dental records - he's missing a fang tooth.

We got in touch with his owner and reunited them. Sam has a 12 yr old 'fur' sister Molly who had been missing him so much and hadn't been herself all this time. The whole family were delighted as they thought Sam had gone away to die.

What's even more remarkable is that it turns out Sam is 20 YEARS OLD! (so doing quite well) which also explains him sleeping so much (lol).

Aside: Sam was originally homed by Cats Protection...now he's been rescued twice, he's one very lucky cat!

Freda & Ninja

We're very proud of our success in rehoming Freda and Ninja. We desperately wanted to keep these two very cute cats together, if at all possible. Our prayers, and the cats prayers too, were answered in the form of their new owners, Jon and Jenn. We could go on, but better you read in their words...click here to read more about Fred and Ninja (aka Thelma and Louise)


Hi! This is "Selecta"! We decided we wanted a companion for our cat "Bo" and after searching for ages we very luckily came across Rotherham Rescue Rangers. We were put in contact with Clare as she had some kittens looking for their forever home. We decided on "Selecta" as soon as we walked in the room and we have never looked back. He is the cutest little boy ever and loves cuddles and sleeping on our bed as well as spending his days playing with his sister "Bo". He is spoilt rotten and we are so happy he is part of our family, thanks millions to Clare and Rotherham Rescue Rangers.


We see too many animals that have been abandoned, mis-treated and sometimes worse. It can be so dis-heartening. So when we have a great success story, it's wonderful to be able to tell you...here's one such story from our carers Clare and Pauline...

When Bubbles was found he was malnourished, cold, damp and had poorly sore eyes that had become fused together. He was only days old when he was taken from his mum and thrown out to fend for himself. Close to dying, he was thankfully found and carefully hand reared by Clare and Pauline.

Here's Bubbles today. What a difference some nursing and tender loving care can make!

Our volunteer carers do this kind of thing every day of the week and Bubbles is the testimony that makes it all worthwhile.....



I just wanted to let you know how Gracie is. She's doing really well and we love her to bits. She's made friends with Tango, my dog, and loves to chase Tango's tail and curl up with her...




We were very sad when we lost Harry in September 2011 - we'd had him since he was a kitten and loved him to bits. We contacted you when we were ready to take in a new companion and we adopted wee Bernie. Here he is on his new perch. Bernie has settled in really well and we all love him to bits. Thank you...

Baxter & Orson

I just want to tell you about two cats we adopted through you. The first was a 6 month old old black cat called Baxter. He was immediately affectionate and loving and so we thought we'd like to get another. You put us in touch with a lovely lady caring for a little 5 month old black cat. We adopted him in February and called him Orson. Although Orson was little nervous initially, he eventually came around and well all I can say is that he is not nervous now. He is affectionate, energetic and just hilarious. Baxter and Orson absolutely adore each other. This photo shows them cuddling. Baxter is at the back, he is the biggest, and Orson at the front with his cute little face in the air. We absolutely adore them and I smile every time I look at them. Thank you....


We got Elwood from Rotherham Rescue Rangers. I said I would send some pictures and an update. He is doing fine, he is very active and loves biting anything and everything!! He has settled in and is eating well. We love the little man to bits.

Princess Isabella

Princess Isabella (black) is wonderful, full of energy, play and very vocal! Beau and her highness are firm friends (but she is the boss). They play for hours, chasing about! She is so funny, looks so innocent but is a real feisty one... Beau looks resigned to a life under her control.

Mr. Chubbs & Ruby

We re-homed Mr. Chubb's and Ruby in September last year. They have settled in a treat and are a pleasure to have. They are both affectionate and playful little cats with tons of energy, especially Ruby. Mr. Chubb's loves his food, hence the name he adopted, he always seems hungry and will finish off Ruby's plate, given the chance. Ruby is quite an independent cat and is very easy going, she loves the outdoors especially at night time, unlike her brother who doesn't venture out quite as often as her. They get on extremely well and love to snuggle up together on an evening in front of the telly.


We picked up a Kitten from RRR this weekend. We've called her Lexi and she's our daughters pride and joy. Lexi was nervous at first and went into hiding, but what a difference a day makes. On Sunday evening she positively sprung into life and you can always tell when a cat has made itself at home, when it decides to climb the curtains! Lexi adores spending time cuddling up and being very spoilt by our daughter.


Just to let you know Mika is doing fine and is settling in great.

She is so much fun and playful.


Hi, here is a photo of Angel. She is doing brilliant. She plays with all her toys and runs round. Angel has settled fantastically well. I could not ask for better cat, she is so well behaved.


After losing our previous cat at the age of 19 we thought it would be impossible for us to love another cat as much as him. How wrong we were, Dexter came to us in June 2008 and from the first moment he waddled across the floor, we were smitten. He is just such a character, always willing to play but just as happy having a cuddle on your knee. We all love him, even when he is chewing our feet early on a Sunday morning!!


Thank you for the kitten we collected last Saturday. We have decided to call him Winston. He has settled in very well and seems to think he owns the place! He’s starting to get his confidence up and is nearly unrecognisable from when we first collected him on Saturday. He still runs away if we approach when he’s on the floor but apart from that he loves a stroke and a cuddle. Winston is very playful and loves to climb our 5ft plant. We’re hoping to get him an activity centre very soon. Thank you again for the kitten. He seems to like his new home very much.

Skye & Phoenix

Both of the kitties are well and healthy and growing by the day. We have decided that they are going through their adolescence as they are really into mischief lately. They climb on shelves and knock things about and try to get into all sorts of stuff but we love them to bits. They are happy and adorable. Thank you for keeping in touch. I hope that all your adoptees are doing as well as ours.

Reubens & Rafael

As promised here is a picture of Reubens and his little brother. I managed to get one while they were still! Reubs has been with me for two weeks now, and has definitely got his paws under the table. He's started letting me know when his meal times are and bashing me in the morning when he thinks I should be getting out of bed. He and Rafael get on very well, they are quite fond of playing chase around the house until they get tired, and then crashing out on a bed or settee. I've got him booked in for his first flu/enteritis jab, so I'll have to see whether he still loves me after that.

Mork & Mindy

Just thought I would give you an update. Both Mork and Mindy are doing well, they seem to be growing/changing colour by the minute. Mindy is definitely the more adventurous, but Mork is getting there slowly, it is very sweet as he 'cries' if he can not see Mindy. Mindy, however, doesn't seem bothered. No damage so far, apart from to my legs which they insist on climbing at every opportunity. Thanks again.


Here is a pictures of Blue. She has settled down really well. Thanks once again.


Nathan & Peter

The kittens are getting on great, they’re very sociable, and play together wonderfully. I hope their brothers have found a loving home too. Pictures attached. Thank you very much.

Bella & Dora

Dora is certainly living up to her name of 'Dora the Explorer' - we put our Christmas tree up yesterday and she had pulled it down within about 15 minutes! She's always looking for adventure! They always sleep together like this, it's so sweet!


Poppy's been with us now for over 10 months, but it seems like forever - she's become so much a part of our family. Poppy was very timid when she came to us. She spent the first few days behind the fridge! We left her to it to do things in her own time. She weighed just over 3 lbs when she came to us and now weighs almost 7lbs.

She is great friends with Eddie, our dog and rubs up against his face. He washes her head and she washes his nose. It's so lovely to see them together especially as he is so big and she is small so one lick from his tongue and she's soaked!

She's very vocal - she miaows from the moment her head comes through the cat flap. She's such a sweet natured cat too. She never hisses, spits or scratches us even when I'm shoving worm tablets down her throat. Poppy is the most beautiful cat. She's wary of people outside but indoors she is really confident and will let anyone stroke her - and if they don't she miaows at them until they do!

She's a real character and we love her very much. Thank you for allowing us to have her. We know she's happy and so are we to have such a lovely cat.

Paddy & Kenny

I just want to update you on how Paddy and Kenny are doing since we adopted them in May.

Paddy is in the first picture he is very loveable and likes a cuddle. He eats so much food every day I often wonder where he puts it all, but then he has put on so much weight I think it is obvious.

Kenny was extremely nervous when he came to us, but he has come round. He loves to play with his yellow mouse and we spend a lot of time fetching it for him when he knocks it under the sofa.

Paddy and Kenny spend a lot of time together playing in our garden and chasing everything that moves.

Wish you were here...

Do let us know how you are getting on with your new cat or kitten. It's great to get news about how they are progressing. Please do send us a short story about them and/or perhaps a photograph too!

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