Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to our FAQ page. Here you'll find answers to questions we're asked most often about cats, kittens, dogs and Rotherham Rescue Rangers. We hope you find it interesting.

Before adopting a Cat or Kitten

Before you lose your heart to one of our cats or kittens, please be aware of the responsibility you undertake when you adopt any animal. We only want the best for our cats and kittens and this includes kittens being neutered at 5-6 months old. It is a mandatory condition when adopting a kitten that you will ensure this is done by your vet.

You must need to consider that you must be around for most of the day if you are adopting a young kitten as they need feeding every few hours and they need company well. So if you work full time please consider an older cat.

Cats are not cheap pets and come with significant responsibility.


Kittens will scratch and sometimes bite in play and so they are not good pets with young children.

Please be sure you can keep a cat for the rest of it's natural life, which can be as long as 15+ years.

What you will do if you:

  • have a new baby

  • move house

  • get a new partner who isn't keen on cats

  • have a cat allergy

  • simply get fed up of a cat which brings creatures and mud into your home

  • experience a change in financial or personal circumstances.

These are all reasons people have given for abandoning their pets.

Homes on main/busy roads are only suitable for house-cats.

Rotherham Rescue Rangers reserves the right to carry out a home visit before and after you adopt any cat/kitten from us.

So...if you are up to the challenge and are still considering adopting one of these lovely animals, please do contact us and we'll put you in touch with its foster carer.

Ferals - did you know?

The feral population of animals is the consequence of people acquiring pets which they later abandon.

Pet animals (cats, dogs or rabbits) do not survive well when abandoned to live outside during cold spells. They don't have the same instinct to hunt for food or find clean water, and they haven't developed the skin thickness needed to survive the cold and wintry conditions in the UK.

Many pets are abandoned in dangerous and busy areas, with little chance of finding help, food or clean water.

Every day, Rotherham Rescue Rangers is asked to take in 1-2 unwanted, abandoned and found cats or kittens, and the number is increasing.

Please, please have your pets (male or female) neutered.

Dogs - one healthy unneutered female dog and her offspring can produce around 60,000 puppies in just 6 years.

Cats - in just 7 years, one healthy unneutered female cat and her offspring can produce around 350,000 kittens.

Neutering your pet improves their quality of life and reduces the feral population of abandoned pets.

What is neutering?

Neutering is minor surgical procedure carried out by a veterinary surgeon to remove the reproductive organs of animals. For females this is often referred to as "spaying", where the ovaries and uterus are removed. For males this is often referred to as "castration", where the testicles are removed.

Why should I neuter my pet?

Neutering is beneficial to the long term health and general welfare of your pet. Neutered pets live longer. It stops unwanted litters being born, helps to prevent dogs straying and reduces incidence of feral animal populations, especially cats. Here is a list of some of the other benefits:

Benefits of dog spaying

  • Prevents pregnancy and the complications that may occur from pregnancy;
  • Eliminates the ‘heat’ cycle;
  • Prevents unwelcome males trying to seek a female in ‘heat’;
  • Reduces sexual discomfort and distress for your pet, making them feel more content;
  • Reduces or may eliminate the possibility of disease in the reproductive system;

 Benefits of dog neutering

  • Reduces destructive behaviour associated with your dog's attempts to find a ‘mate’;
  • Reduces the urge to roam, making your dog less likely to become involved in a traffic accident, injury, loss or theft, or become a victim of cruelty;
  • Eliminates testicular tumours and reduces prostate gland problems;
  • Reduces the urge to fight;

Benefits for Cats

  • Reduces the risk of tumours and disease;
  • Stops and/or reduces marking behaviour (territorial spraying of urine);
  • Neutering a female cat will prevent unwanted litters of kittens;
  • Neutering a female cat will help prevent tom cats visiting and spraying on your property;
  • Cats are less likely to roam, reducing the risk of traffic accidents and fighting behaviour.

Will my pets behaviour change if I have them neutered?

Neutering will only reduce or eliminate the behaviours you don't want, e.g. mood swings, aggression, roaming and spraying urine to mark their territory.

Will neutering affect my pet's weight?

Simple answer is No. Putting on weight is to do with owners over feeding their pets and too little exercise. Always get advice about how best to feed your pet. Give them good quality food at regular meal times. Don't feed them at your table and restrict treats to small amounts, not more than once a day. Remember cats need exercise too!

Is it best to let my female animal have one litter before being neutered?

No. All female pets should be neutered before their first 'heat' cycle. Allowing your pet to have one litter or to go through one "heat" cycle increases their risk of long term illness and puts them through unnecessary stress.

Adoption Donations

Adult Cats: £50 - all our adult cats are neutered, micro-chipped, flea treated, wormed and vet checked before they may be adopted.

Kittens: £50 - all our kittens are flea treated, wormed and vet checked before they may be adopted. You will be asked to sign a form agreeing to the kitten being neutered. We will refund £25 back towards your kittens neutering on proof of a vet receipt.

Do remember there will be other ongoing costs such as vet bills, pet insurance, flea treatment, worming, cattery fees and of course food.

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