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Rotherham Rescue Rangers
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Neutering vouchers are available to anyone in the Rotherham area for a cat or kitten that is 5 months or older. We can only offer vouchers to people on a low income or receive benefit. If you would like a voucher, please Email your details to the Email address given above. It's important that you include the following information with your request:

1. Your name, address, telephone number, mobile number (so we can let you know when the voucher has been issued), and let us know what benefit you receive - you will be required to provide proof to the vet, otherwise you may be charged the full cost of neutering. Typically, and depending on our available funds, you will be left with around £20 to contribute per cat/kitten to be neutered.

2. Tell us which vet you would like to use. Vouchers can be issued for Crookes, Hall Court, Arncliffe's and Springfield vets.

3. Cat/kitten's name, age, sex, colouring, distinguishing marks and any other details that may be relevant, e.g. medical history, micro-chipped, feral, etc.

Rotherham Rescue Rangers Homes Post Office 146 Ferham Road ROTHERHAM S61 1DY
Registered Charity No 1146955