About Us

What We Do

Rotherham Rescue Rangers was established in 1992 and became a Registered Charity (1146955) in 2012. Our aim is to stop unwanted litters being born and to prevent suffering of abandoned and homeless animals in the Rotherham and surrounding areas.

Who We Are

We are a small chairity run entirely by unpaid volunteers. We provide advice and support, and will help people on low income or benefits with the cost of neutering their pets.

Every penny we receive goes directly to the animals in our care, to pay for refuge, food, vet bills and medication, as well as neutering.

Brief History

Established in 1992, we were born out of a neutering campaign co-founded by the Rotherham Council Dog Warden, Fay Drabble. Initially the group worked alongside the Rotherham Council Dog Warden Service, providing free advice and support to pet owners about the benefits of neutering their animals.

Many people who abandoned their pet, did so because they found themselves unable to pay vet bills for neutering, or unable to meet the cost of having to feed an unexpected litter of puppies or kittens.

Animals were also frequently the victims of families having to make difficult decisions to reduce their outgoings when times were hard or family members lost their jobs.

It therefore made sense to provide help with the cost of neutering to stop unwanted litters and hopefully to enable people to keep the pet they might otherwise abandon. This in turn reduces the dogs left to roam in packs around our streets and reduces the feral cat population.

So Fay and several friends began holding money raising events and very soon were helping local people on a regular basis. And so began Rotherham Rescue Rangers...

Today the charity offers a wide range of help and advice, as well as financial help (in the form of vouchers) towards the cost of neutering cats and dogs. We still work closely with the Rotherham Dog Warden Service, but also with other charities too, such as DogsTrust and Cats Protection.

DogsTrust and Cats Protection have been major supporters to the charity and those partnerships continue today.

DogsTrust offers vouchers to cover the cost of getting certain breeds of dogs neutered.

Dogs that qualify for free neutering include: Staffordshire Bull Terrier, German Shepherd, American Bull Dog, Akitas, Rottweilers, Dobermans and all dogs crossed with the above.

What We Are Doing Now...

Rescue Rangers often contributes towards the cost of treatment and operations for dogs in the dog pound (Mount Pleasant Kennels). We also pay for stray dogs to be vaccinated so that other centers will take the dogs. Mount Pleasant Kennels does some excellent work in helping us to raise money to help stray dogs - it's not unusual to spend several hundred pounds on treatment and medication for one dog.

We then pass these dogs onto local sanctuaries to rest and recover, including Thornberry, Rotherham Dog Rescue, Mayflower and Bark Rescue.

In Rotherham and the surrounding areas, we are lucky to have a number of animal rescues that take in unwanted animals, but Rotherham Rescue Rangers is the ONLY ONE that helps toward neutering pets.

It has never been our aim to become another animal sanctuary, as this would deplete the little funds we have and would detract from our main aim, to concentrate on providing support for the neutering of pets.

We do have a small group of volunteers who very kindly make their own homes available as 'emergency only' foster accommodation for cats and kittens until a permanent home can be found.

Rotherham Rescue Rangers Homes Post Office 146 Ferham Road ROTHERHAM S61 1DY
Registered Charity No 1146955